Exposure Lights announce support of Alan Roberts Figaro campaign

Exposure Lights are delighted to announce their support of Alan Roberts (28) for his 2018 campaign to race in the La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro Race, which starts in August.

Alan comments, “I simply LOVE the Exposure Lights. They are the lightest and most logical, user-friendly lights out there! Figaro racing is simply full-on. The ability to trim the sails with strong lights is great, and also to use them as an all-round tool while sailing in close-quarters. It is nice to have a head torch that does not destroy your night vision; that is strong enough to work around the boat at night, as well as trim the sails with the white light when required.  It’s also a huge comfort to know you have the back-up, if needed, of highly visible and powerful strobe in a worse case scenario of falling into the sea.

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