Problem Solving; 


Q: What is thew OLAS System? 

A: The OLAS system is when both the OLAS tag and OLAS app are used in conjunction to create the automated man overboard alert. 


Q: Can you sink tags to multiple phones? 

A: Yes they can be synced to numerous mobile devices as long as they have the OLAS app downloaded. 


Q: Can the mobile device be below deck and the tag on deck? 

A: Yes but it is advised that you check connectivity. It is possible that a metal or carbon hull will restrict connectivity.  


Q: Can I use the OLAS app without the OLAS tag? 

A: Yes the app has useful navigation features such as Waypoint navigation, Course over ground and Speed over ground which utilise the phone's GPS, these are found in Current Data. 


Q: Can the man overboard feature be used without a tag? 

A: Yes, the MOB screens can be activated by manually by pressing the red MOB button in Current Data. This will store the mobile device's current GPS location as the MOB position. 


Q: Do I need phone signal for OLAS to work? 

A: Phone signal is not needed unless you need to call or text the emergency information. The MOB tracking features only require GPS signal.  


Q: What sets off the alert? 

A: The connection from the tag to the app needs to be broken for at least 8 seconds to activate the alert - this includes being submerged. 


Q: How do you attach the OLAS tag to a man overboard device?  

A: Any strap 22mm wide and up to 1.5mm thick can be used.The current strap can be used if it fits.  


Q: Are replacement straps available? 

A: Replacement staps are avaible via  


Q: How do you turn the tag OFF? 

A : Press the button for 4 seconds until a red light flashes 


Q: How do you see if the tag is active? 

A: The tags status can be seen in ‘SYNCED TAGS’. 

  • Immediate, Near or Far indicates the Tag is connected 

  • INACTIVE means the tag is deactivated within the app 

  • Not connected means the tag is either switched off or not within range  


Q: How can I test my tag? 

A: Take the tag over 1 meter away from the phone and switch it OFF.  


A: Submerse the tag in water until the alert is activated 


A: Take the tag out of range (100 meters line of sight)  

The alert will occur after 8 (default), 15 or 30 seconds. 


Q: Why would you change the ALERT AFTER time in Tag Settings? 

A: 30 seconds would be used if regular signal interference occurred on a larger vessel  


Q: Is the OLAS Tag waterproof? 

A: Yes, the Tag is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter.  



False Alarms; 

Problem: I keep getting false alarms when crew are on the vessel. 


Cause: False alarms occur due to a blocked connection which can unintentionally be caused by obstructions such as water, carbon or metal. (Warning: Water in the human body can cause an obstruction, triggering the alarm)   



  • Ensure the tag is attached to crew in a location which is visible at all times 

  • Prior to casting off check the connection by placing the phone in a central location and move the tags around the vessel. If false alerts occur extend the ALERT AFTER (time delay) in Tag Settings to either 15 or 30 seconds.  

(WARNING: it may take upto 30 seconds before alert occurs in an MOB situation)